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The GOA Clubs

Grow one Africa Clubs offer their members a private space where they can come together to share information, personal experience and socialize with their friends.

With cannabis being the common ground, our clubs are made up of a true ‘rainbow’ family. From career professionals to students, grandparents to young adults, educated to uneducated - our membership diversity is a beauty to behold. Cannabis once again shows its ability to heal by overcoming social mindsets and racial barriers and our clubs are the perfect place to experience this. Don’t just take our word for it - pop into a GOA club near you to experience it for yourself. Remember that all GOA clubs are independently owned and so have created their own club culture. With over 20 clubs in our GOA family, we know there’s one out there that’s just perfect for you!

GOA Clubs
Turtle House
420 Twig
All Walks of Life
Cheeba Delicious
Cradle Stoner
Die Boomhuis
Die Joint
Green Daze
Green Mammoth
Leafy Bison
The 420 Emporium
The Health Cannasseurs
The Pottery
The Toke House
Tiny Town
Turtle House
420 Twig

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Proudly GOA

Like a proud grandparent, Grow One Africa has watched the birth of all the independently-owned brands within the GOA family.

We have watched our Cultivating and Processing members research, experiment, fail, not give up and ultimately succeed in establishing unique, proudly South African brands. These brands are not only bud and edibles, but also include medical oils, tinctures, creams, etc that are used by many of our family members for different medical reasons. Our members have the peace of mind in knowing that all products shared throughout GOA Clubs have followed stringent compliance and testing protocols.

GOA Brands
Trafalgar Growers and Canna Treats
Ancient River Valley Farms
Back to Roots
Bing Buds
Canna Central
Dank Panda
F.A. Farms
Farmer Dave
Folk's Lore
Gaia's Gift
Homegrown Cultivations
Idlewild Craft Smoke
Indica Valley Farms
Mystic Monk
Organic Bud Growers
Plain Sweet Jane
Saint Blazed
Tasty Buds
The Good Herb
The Hash Couple
Trafalgar Growers and Canna Treats