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The GOA Club Model

Grow one Africa provides a cannabis social club model to affiliated clubs which focuses on responsible cannabis use, sharing and cultivation and offers full traceability to GOA cannabis social club members.

GOA not only provides a constitutional framework to its associated clubs which falls in line with current legislation, but also facilitates all agreements between itself, members and clubs. It provides the systems and assists in the management of cannabis shared within the GOA club system.

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Peace of Mind

Grow one Africa believes that self-regulation is the most effective way for the cannabis industry to control its own destiny at the present time.

However, to ensure the integrity of the GOA Model, it is imperative that compliance measures be met by the clubs, cultivating and processing members. Our compliance measures may be rigorous, but in so doing, they offer our members the peace of mind that there is full traceability on any cannabis flower or product shared at any of our clubs.

Growing Responsibly

The GOA Club Model applies ISO and SANS, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and supports the responsible use of our valuable natural resources. Our regulatory protocols include the laboratory testing of all cannabis shared at GOA clubs. Our laboratory partners play an important role, not only in ensuring the quality of the cannabis, but also in offering further information on the CBD and Terpene levels of the cannabis. This information is vital in the development of cannabis products for the treatment of medical ailments.