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About us

We are a group of community orientated cannabis enthusiasts busy rebuilding South Africa by using cannabis as a spearhead crop to create jobs and pay taxes in a sustainable green agri-economy. The aim of Grow One Africa (GOA) is to be a South African cannabis industry, self-regulatory organization

Fun Facts

1. Cannabis is less addictive than coffee or sugar.
2. People tend to drink less alcohol when they use cannabis.
3. You have to consume a truck load of cannabis all at once to overdose.
4. Hemp is cannabis with little or no THC.
5. The Holy anointing oil recipe lists cannabis (kaneh Bosm) as an ingredient.
6. Cannabis compounds can freeze and stop the spread of some types of cancer.
7. Cannabis removes hazardous chemicals from the soil better than any other plant.
8. The word ‘canvas’ comes from the Greek word cannabis or ‘‘made of hemp’.
9. Hemp batteries outperform Lithium and Graphene options.
10. A plane exists that is built from and powered by hemp. 

What we do


We help open independent Social Clubs as community platforms that connect members with cultivating- and manufacturing members. To help grow the PEOPLE.


We comply with standards and best practices and use the GOA code for track- and traceability, management and contracting of the cultivation cycle. While caring for the EARTH.


We use the GOA portal for transparent reporting of sharing and reimbursement.
To facilitate a FAIR share.

Contact us

Grow one Academy

Do you want to learn more about cannabis?
GROW one ACADEMY facilitates a range of industry related training courses and internship placements. 

Grow one Agri

Do you have a product or service to offer?
GROW one AGRI connects local producers with suppliers and the market. 

Grow one Community

Do you want to empower yourself and others?
GROW one COMMUNITY builds platforms to stimulate local enterprise development. 

Grow one Health

Can you help heal the world?
GROW one HEALTH seeks African solutions for global health issues. 

Grow one Systems

Do you need a business solution?
GROW one SYSTEMS creates track- and traceability solutions for cultivators, service providers and consumers. 

Grow one Compliance

Are you sticking to the rules?
GROW one COMPLIANCE ensures that all your processes adhere to best practices and standards. 

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